(Business) Christmas Gifts 🎁

It's the most wonderful time of the year... 🎄

Christmas is coming, who's looking forward to it? Cozy evenings at home, bright lights everywhere you walk, Christmas parties every weekend and we can't forget the gifts: we are certainly looking forward to it! Prepare for the holidays and view our festive Christmas packages of 2023.

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Are you looking for a nice gift for your business relations? Then we have different types of company gifts that are useful and fun for everyone, take a look:

Example Personalised Christmas Packages

Do you want to change something about your Christmas gift ideas this year? Let us inspire you with this order from a big customer last year.

  • Unique Christmas baskets
    🧺 The customer wanted to try a different type of Christmas packages, this year a package without food. Everyone within the company was very surprised by the nice change in Christmas package! The baskets are filled with a personalized Christmas card and various Holland products.

 holland kerstpakket nederlands kerstpakket gepersonaliseerd christmas package kerstpakketten voor bedrijven

  • Personalised candy jars
    🍭 Many companies are constantly looking for small gifts to show appreciation for their staff. Our recommendation? Candy jars! Fun, affordable and always a good gift. At Winsa we personalize your ideal business gift! This is as simple as changing the candy or personalizing the sticker with your company logo.

snoeppotten bedrijfscadeau corporate gifts snoep goedkoop cadeau


Christmas Packages

We have three types of Christmas packages available for your relations and/or staff:
1. The Letterbox Christmas Package
- A carefully composed Christmas box for relations and committed employees. With cozy Christmas socks 🧦, a Christmas card 🎅🏻, delicious winter tea 🍵, creamy chocolate milk powder ☕️ and a bag of luxurious chocolates 🍫 – it's a simple but beautiful gift for the holidays. The packaging makes it festive and suits everyone. The box fits through the letterbox and is A5 size, perfect if you want to send someone a gift for the holidays.

2.The Christmas Package
- Letterbox Christmas package a little too small for your taste? No problem! This year we have added a larger Christmas package! This box is decorated with Christmas doodles and measures 25x20x10cm. Not too big, not too small. In this box you get almost everything the same. Except for a few things: instead of a bag of luxury chocolates, now a full jar 🍫, an extra Christmas decoration for the tree 🎄 and some candy canes 🍭! Contact us for all details.

3. The Holland Christmas Package
- As a Dutch souvenir shop, we cannot forget to put together a unique and fun Dutch-inspired Christmas gift! In this box (which has the same size as The Christmas Package), your relations will receive 2 different types of Christmas baubles for the tree 🎄, 2 magnets, 1 pair of Christmas socks 🧦 and 2 Christmas cards. Perfect for your business relations and/or employees who live abroad or for the real Holland lover.

We like to offer our customers the best service. As a family business, good contact is our number 1 priority. 😊 Large order? We will then come by to deliver the order free!

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Are you looking for something different than what you see in our offer? Please do not hesitate to contact to contact us! This can also be done using the form below.

Together we discuss the many possibilities of our store and we can send you a free quote.

We at Winsa ensure that you are happy with your perfect company gift this holiday season.

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