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(Filled) Glass Jar "Happy Holidays" (products)

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Enjoy the festive atmosphere with our beautifully curated reusable glass jar filled with various Christmas items that will make everyone happy!

In the jar you will discover a very nice and compact range of always-good gifts, namely: 1 pair of Christmas socks, 3 candy canes and 2 bags of chocolate milk. No idea what you want to give to your partners and/or employees for the holidays this year? With this sweet pot you will make everyone happy. Candy, chocolate and a cute pair of Christmas socks? Who wouldn't want that? And the icing on the cake? The simple but festive "Merry Christmas" sticker that puts you in the mood! 🎅🏻

The reusable glass jar, made of high-quality glass, can be reused long after the presents have been consumed and/or used and serves as a convenient storage solution.