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Iconic Holland Souvenirs

Are you going on holiday or are you taking a souvenir from the Netherlands? There is a good chance that you will take one of the following iconic Dutch souvenirs with you. Still no idea which souvenir is best for you? Keep reading for the most iconic Dutch souvenirs.

Kissing Couple

Share the love with this beautiful kissing couple. You can find these lovebirds all over the Netherlands. Find it on a magnet or key ring or you can even visit the huge "Kissing Couple XXXL" statue in Amsterdam! Our recommendation? The cute salt and pepper set we have on our website.

Buy here "Salt and Pepper Kissing Couple (Delft Blue)"


Windmills are one of the most popular things in the Netherlands! Why not buy a souvenir from it? They come in different shapes and sizes. Our favorite is the small figurine in Delft Blue. Why? It also comes with the kissing couple!

Buy here "Delft Blue Windmill with Kissing Couple"


Clogs: the incredible old and iconic wooden shoes that were mainly worn in the middle ages. No matter how old they are, they will always be an important part of Dutch history. For those looking for your typical Holland souvenir: wooden clogs is the answer you're looking for. 

Buy here "Delft Blue Wooden Clogs (size 40EU)"


Who doesn't love flowers? When you think of Dutch flowers you might think about tulips right away. For a good reason too! During tulip-season in Holland you will be mesmerized by the incredible tulip fields in the country. Bring a cute souvenir as a reminder of these beautiful flowers.

Buy here "Standing Tulip 20 cm Red"


Whether you're walking in the crowded Amsterdam, modern Rotterdam or the small city like Dordrecht, you will always see bikes from left to right! Nearly everyone in Holland owns a bike and makes frequent use of it. A typical Dutch thing. Take a look at the cute miniature bikes we have.

Buy here "Holland Bicycle Blue (13.5x8cm)"

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