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5x Fun Activities with Nice Weather in Dordrecht

Netherlands: rain, rain and... you guessed it, rain! Some like the rain, others prefer the sun. Whichever way you choose, the sun is sure to come out and summer is finally here! Now that the Corona measures are easing and everything is going 'back to normal', this would be the perfect time to discover new and fun summer activities!
Here you can read about 5 fun activities that you should do with the upcoming summer weather.


Discover your inner self monkey at the Klimbos in the Dutch Biesbosch! While you enjoy the beautiful view of nature, you climb via a self-chosen route. They have 5 different routes: something for everyone! You get three hours to climb. Plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful views as you climb your way through your route. A unique experience that you must do during a visit to Dordrecht.

View the Climbing Forest this video!

DRIVE Dordrecht // boat trips, canoeing and SUPing

Speaking of Biesbosch, let's go to the waters. For those who prefer a less active activity, they offer nice and quiet boat tours. For those who prefer active activities, you can canoe and "SUP", SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling. It is actually a mix of surfing and canoeing and originates from Hawaii. In recent years, supping has become extremely popular in the Netherlands, making it a must-experience in the Biesbosch.
Look at deze video for an atmospheric impression!

REFUSE // sustainability center

Weizigt Sustainability Center is much more than the name says! In this nature reserve you will find: a sustainable city farm, the coach house, gardens, a climate greenhouse, the aquarama and an apiary. With the incredible weather you can spend many hours discovering this beautiful property in Dordrecht. Weizigt is located just outside the city center, so very easy to reach.
Check out a short tour dit video!

SI BARON // cruise

Spend the warm afternoons on the Dordrecht canals on one of Si Barone's tour boats. Hint: they have the tastiest packages around! Whether you want prosecco, a very Italian dinner or poffertjes on board, they have it all! They not only take you on a boat tour through the Dordrecht canals, but also to the Biesbosch. (Also visit one of the other activities mentioned!)
Look at this beautiful video that perfectly describes your experience with Si Barone.

TASTY WALK // city walk + tasting

What could be better than discovering the city of Dordrecht while enjoying the tastiest local dishes? With the Tasty Walk you choose your own tasting and receive a voucher (valid for 1 month) with which you can pick up your food. You can decide when and where you eat your food. Bonus point: you can support many different local restaurants! Support your locals.
Look at here the available data.
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