Wat maakt die kleine magneet op je koelkast zo speciaal? In dit artikel vind je vier redenen waarom we dol zijn op de souvenirs die we kopen.

Why Do We Buy Souvenirs?

So you have just returned from a life-changing trip to the Netherlands and you decide to buy a lot of souvenirs, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. Why exactly do we buy souvenirs? What makes that little magnet on your fridge so special? Here are four reasons why we love the souvenirs we buy.

1. Memories. Souvenirs serve as a physical reminder of a special place or experience. They can help remind people of a happy moment or a meaningful journey. It evokes feelings of nostalgia and helps people relive happy memories from the past.

2. Connection. Souvenirs can help people feel connected to a place, culture or community. They can serve as a way to keep a memory alive and maintain a sense of belonging to a particular location or experience.

3. Sharing. Souvenirs can be shared with others as a way to tell a story or share an experience. They can spark conversations and help people connect with others who have similar interests or experiences. It can serve as a conversation starter and help people share stories about their travels and unique experiences.

4. Support. Souvenirs can also support local businesses and communities! By buying souvenirs, people can contribute to the local economy and preserve local traditions and cultures.

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