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Shop your way through the Voorstraat!

Shop your way through the longest street in Dordrecht: the Voorstraat! A must visit and inevitable street in our old and beautiful city. With dozens of shops, cafes, gift shops and antique shops, you can wander the long street for many hours. Below you can read about all the special shops that can be found in the street.

In this article, you'll read about just 11 stores in the area that are absolutely worth checking out, but don't forget that there are many more stores you'll love.

DE LOODS // thriftshop

We start at the very beginning of the Voorstraat, at number 70 you will find thrift store "De Loods". With a varying range you will always be surprised by the beautiful items! For hidden treasures you've come to the right place. Looking for more vintage stores? You can read more about it in this article.

ROCKIN' ITEMS // clothing store

Ahead you walk past clothing store "Rockin 'Items". In this trendy store you will find the most beautiful women's clothing. With the friendly staff and the beautiful shop, it is impossible to not go in! Treat yourself and take a look inside Rockin 'Items, who knows, you might fall in love with that one dress or top...

OLALA CHOCOLA // chocolate shop

What is one of the most irresistible things in this world? Chocolate. And no one does it better than Olala Chocola! If you walk by you will see their open workspace and you will also see how the staff go to work. Get yourself some delicious chocolate and enjoy!

This shop in 2 words? Art and design! With store owner Jolanda you will find anything and everything. ByBranderhorst was born out of passion and the will to make the world a bit of a better place. Everything in the store has been hand-picked by the owner with love. It's a must to take a look inside!

ROOD, WIT & ROSÉ // wine store & wine bar

Wine, wine, wine! In this beautiful store you will find much more than just wine, they have an incredibly big and impressive assortment of all kinds of wine. It is also possible to surprise yourself with a highwine or a wine course! Any wine lover will fall in love with this special store.

WINSA // gift- & souvenirshop

For souvenirs and gifts you've come to the right place! Our store is also located on the beautiful Voorstraat. Buy yourself a small (or big) souvenir, take a look at our large assortment of cards or look around for nice gifts. We also sell tobacco. We are excited to welcome you soon!

THE CANDY SHOP // candy shop

If you have a sweet tooth, pay attention! You are bound to leave The Candy Shop with all the candy you have been dreaming of. From the American best seller 'Flamin' Hot Cheetos' to scoop candy to special types of M&M's. As the only candy store in Dordrecht, The Candy Shop is not to be missed on your list. 📍 Voorstraat 305, 3311 EP Dordrecht

SIMON LÉVELT // coffee- & teastore

Who doesn't love coffee or tea? This specialty store is definitely worth a visit during your city trip. With the huge range of coffee and tea varieties, it is easy to spend your time here. With the help of the staff you can find your new favorite coffee and discover new flavors of tea! 

BAHLMANN // clothing store

A pleasant shopping experience requires a cozy atmosphere, and that is exactly what you can find at Bahlmann! With more than 70 (!) different fashion brands, there is something for everyone. The staff are always ready to help! Whether with fashion advice or if you need something tailor-made.

4 YOUR GAMES // gamestore 

Everyone loves games! Whether it's card games, puzzles or board games, you will find it all at 4 Your Games! The kind and helpful staff will demonstrate and help you in the store so you can find what you need. This big store is guaranteed to have something for everyone!

FLORALE-EXTASE // florist 

This flower shop is just as beautiful inside as it is outside. With a large assortment of special plants, Florale-Ecstasy has everything you can imagine! You name it, they have it. Make sure to visit this beautiful green shop before walking out of Voorstraat.

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