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City Trips from Rotterdam

Rotterdam: one of our favorite cities in The Netherlands! What's not to love about this port city? If you're spending a lot of time in the city, you might want to discover the rest of the area. In this article you'll be reading about our personal recommendations when you want to go on an adventure and explore the less common city trips. 


🚗 Car: 30 min. 
🚊 Public Transport: 30 min.

Of course our beautiful city can't be missed in this list of our recommendations! Dordrecht is easy to reach by car and train and from central station it's only a 10 minute walk to the city centre. In the city centre you will find incredibly old and special buildings and canals. Some people would call it 'small Amsterdam'. 

When you're coming from the modern-day Rotterdam, Dordrecht is definitely a refreshing day trip. In this article you can read all about the fun activities in Dordrecht. 


🚗 Car: 30 min.
🚊 Public Transport: 20 min.

The city centre in Delft is a must see whenever you're in the area. It is only a 30 minute drive or a 20 minute trip by train. The city is a perfect mix of old and new, so you get to experience both. It's quite a small city, so one day in this city would be more than perfect. Our favorite central spot in this city is the Markt. You can find anything you want there! Have some lunch? Have a drink? Go around and be the tourist? Delft is the place to be. 

Hoek van Holland

🚗 Car: 35 min.
🚊 Public Transport: 60 min.

Looking for a bit of quiet in the big city? Hoek van Holland is the place for you! Even though it's a city, it's well known for their beach. When you think of going to a beach in Holland, you might think Scheveningen or The Hague right away. But! Hoek van Holland is a lovely alternative and usually much more quiet than Scheveningen. Behind the beach you can find dunes where you can bike or have a nice stroll. It's easy to reach by car, perhaps a bit harder by public transport. Nonetheless, it's worth the visit!


🚗 Car: 30 min.
🚊 Public Transport: 30 min.

Gouda, yes like the cheese! Even though you've probably heard of the cheese many times, Gouda itself is strongly underrated. With all of the fun and interactive activities you can do, you're able to spend a full day in this town. For example, since 2020 Gouda has added a new fun activity to their collection: Gouda Cheese Experience. The name says it all! The city is a beautiful mixture of unique buildings and small streets. 

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