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5x Must-See Dordrecht Vintage Shops

Vintage stores are more popular than ever, and for all good reasons! In this article you can read about 5 different local vintage stores that are definitely worth a visit.


 1.   JouWinkel

📍 Voorstraat 238, 3311 ET Dordrecht | JouWinkel (literally translated: YourStore) is a large store consisting of dozens of different little cupboards, each of which is special in its own way. From antiques to board games, they have it all! You can spend hours here without even realizing it.

 2.   foundbyme

📍 Vriesestraat 3, 3311 NN Dordrecht | Looking for vintage clothing or furniture? At foundbyme you will most likely find your perfect item! The products are of good quality and you will most likely find something to your taste. All products in the store are selected by the owner with love and passion.

 3.   The Old Town

📍 Voorstraat 275, 3311 EP Dordrecht | The Old Town: the name perfectly sums up Dordrecht and the store itself. Here they sell different types of products: antiques, curios, vinyl, vintage & retro. The wide range of furniture and LPs are a must see during your day trip in Dordrecht!

 4.  Preloved Fashion by 3xM

📍 Wijnstraat 95, 3311 BT Dordrecht | With an always-changing collection, the ladies of Preloved Fashion by 3xM keep it exciting! Sustainable fashion is increasingly popular and this store is the perfect place to discover new items.

 5.   ReShare Store

📍 Voorstraat 262, 3311 ET Dordrecht The ReShare Store is a second-hand clothing store of the Salvation Army. This store is well-organized and tidy, creating a nice and comfortable retail space. Everyone is welcome and free to take a look at all of their well-priced fashion items!
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