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5x Fun Activities with Rain in Dordrecht

When we wrote this blogpost back in May about fun activities with good weather, we really assumed that the weather would be nice. Two or three days of high tropical temperatures, followed by weeks of non-stop rain. It's a strange summer. But we mustn't let the rain ruin the fun of the summer months!

In this article, you'll find five activities to do while avoiding the rainy weather of 2021.

GO KART IN // Indoor Kart & Partycentre Dordrecht

At Indoor Kart & Partycentre Dordrecht you'll find multiple fun activities under one roof: the place to be when it's raining. vind je Go-Korting is only one of the many fun and exciting games you will find there. Call your friends and challenge each other for the fastest racing score!

LASERGAMING // Indoor Kart & Partycentre Dordrecht

As I said, at Indoor Kart & Partycentrum Dordrecht you can really find everything. Laser tagging is a popular and fun activity to do with a small or large group of friends. In the dark, you hit each other with lasers and try to win the game. A must for everyone! P.S. Combine karting and laser tag, you will receive a discount!

MUSEUM // Dordrecht Museum

Discover six centuries of Dutch painting! You will find workshops, guided tours, exhibitions and much more. If you are an art lover this is a must visit on rainy (or not rainy) days. Even if you are not an art lover, you will find yourself having a good time.

📍 Museumstraat 40, 3311 XP Dordrecht

WINKELCENTRUM // Drievriendenhof

Don't let a little rain stop you from the quote "shop 'till you drop"! Visit the small indoor shopping center "Drievriendenhof"! You will find several fashion stores here where you will enjoy hours of shopping fun. Oh, and there's this new boba tea-shop! Definitely worth a visit. 

ESCAPE ROOM // Fundustry

Everyone has heard of the hype "escape rooms", whether you like exciting activities or not: it is a must-try. You are locked in a room and through small assignments you and your team have to get you out. If you're hiding from the rain anyway, you better make the most of it.

📍Vest 108, 3311 TX Dordrecht

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