Op zoek naar het perfecte cadeau voor je partner, beste vriend of familielid?

3 Actual Unique Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for your partner, best friend or family member? Do not panic! We give you a number of gift ideas for unique gifts that will certainly be appreciated. Searching for the perfect gift for someone who already has everything can be a challenge. Fortunately, we have 5 unique gift ideas that are sure to please!

  1. Bubble/Boba Thee Kit

The perfect way to make delicious Milky Strawberry Bubble Tea at home! If you're a fan of bubble tea, you know that the quality of the ingredients is key to making a delicious cup! And while you can find some tasty bubble teas at your local Asian bubble tea bar, nothing beats making your own at home.

That's why we've put together this amazing Bubble/Boba Tea Kit, which contains everything you need to make delicious Milky Strawberry Bubble Tea at home! The kit includes:

  • 450 g strawberry pearls;
  • 240 g strawberry milk powder;
  • 8 sugar cane straws;
  • 1 recipe card.

     2. "Hoe Word Je Een Miljardair?" Gift Box

How do you become a billionaire? The short answer is: go to the right school, work hard and be born into a wealthy family. But to really get rich, you have to do more than just work hard. You also have to be smart with your money. But do you still want some useful tips?

The "How to Become a Billionaire" gift pack contains over 25 cards packed with fun and informative tips, tricks, do's and don'ts, and motivational quotes designed to blow bank accounts. Comes with a notebook for planning to keep your life in order and keep track of brilliant ideas. Perfect gift for the aspiring entrepreneur in your life!

A dog toy that will make your dog crazy!

If you have a dog, you probably also know that they can sometimes go crazy with toys. Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes, but there is one that stands out: the Furrby dog toy. Furrby is a toy designed to hold your dog's attention. The toy moves and makes sounds, which will make your dog intrigued. Check out our Paw Story collection for more original and fun dog toys.

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